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Inflammation and body fat

Inflammation and obesity

In a recent article in Health Central, medical writer Jennifer Lutz explores the complicated relationship between obesity and inflammation. With the better understanding of the role gut flora, the microbiome, plays in homeostasis and overall health, there is much more attention being paid to the foods we eat and their contribution to inflammation. She states that foods suspected to increase inflammation are:  highly processed meats and carbohydrates, deeply fried foods like french fries and sodas and other sweetened drinks. Increased adipose tissue, particularly omental fat in the belly can be caused by inflammation and also lead to insulin resistance which leads to more belly fat.

Foods that may help to decrease inflammation include olive oil, green leafy vegetable, nuts, fatty fish, berries and other colorful fruit and coffee. We should add fermented foods to this list, like yogurts, pickles, kumbacha which improve the health of the gut microbiome.

I will also add that overall contentment with one’s life will hold inflammation in check. This is complicated, as depression and anxiety can contribute to eating “unhealthy” foods, alcohol and other toxins which increase inflammation and contribute ot metabolic syndrome and obesity.

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Dr. John Monaco

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