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Body Treatments

Long Term Hair Removal

IPL light beams are directed through the skin and towards the hair follicles, where the energy heats up the hair roots and prevents further growth. Unlike traditional hair-removal treatments such as waxing and shaving, the light  gets to the root of the problem providing permanent hair reduction. 

Body Contouring & Fat Reduction

Body re-shaping without surgery or pain!

The radio frequency energy gently heats the treatment area. Heat, among other processes, aid in the release of stored fat in the cells. The heating effect also leads to connective tissue remodeling which tightens the skin and helps to maintain your positive results for much longer.

Cellulite Reduction

Firmer, tighter skin is just a few Viora Cellulite Reduction treatments away!

 A quick and effective solution for long-term results. 

This treatment provides consistent long-term results, primarily in the appearance of firmer and tighter skin. The  increased fat cell metabolism leads to fat volume reduction and the connective tissue remodeling which tighten the skin for a longer period of time.

ReFit – Body skin tightening after Weight Loss

Even through a healthy process of losing weight, skin can be stretched and in the absence of volume appear loose and sagging. The same is true with post pregnancy skin of the abdomen. The ReFit treatment strengthens skin’s elasticity, restores collagen flexibility and improves the skin’s firmness,  with no anesthesia or down time required. 

IPL Rejuvenation

IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) Therapy rids brown spots while also stimulating collagen production thereby improving  your skin’s tone, color and firmness giving you a natural, radiant appearance. IPL can be used on the face, neck, hands, or the body.

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