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Your career as nourishment

A gratifying, enriching work life is as essential to good health as exercise or the food we eat. A negative work situation can block us from living our longest or healthiest lives. Stress alone, often the byproduct of work which is toxic to our essential selves, is at epidemic proportions in our modern world. How do you know if you are in the right or wrong professional situation for you? What is your first emotion when you wake up on a typical work day? Do you look forward to the tasks of the day with excitement and optimism or do you face them with dread and anxiety? Do you feel the pace of personal progress matches your life plan, or do you feel “stuck”? Why are you doing the work you do? Is your job consistent with you personality and what you see as your role in the universe? Or do you feel like you’d rather be somewhere else? Ae you following your dream or someone

else’s? Perhaps you can’t answer these questions, or maybe you’re a little afraid to answer them honestly. Some of us spend a lifetime in the wrong career because we simply never ask ourselves the right questions! A health coach can help you get to the bottom of the fundamental you, honestly identify your bliss, and maybe, while there is still time, get you in the right career, one that feeds your soul with essential nourishment.

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