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"Won" Hour Walk

I write about this often, but it bears repeating, because it might be the most valuable suggestion I can ever make to readers. Walking may be the simplest, most cost effective, and most beneficial activity one can do for physical, mental and emotional health. 30 minutes a day of walking at a comfortable pace has been shown to lower blood pressure, lower LDL and raise beneficial HDL. It also improves bone and muscle strength, and if done with proper posture, improves core strength which helps your back and belly. It also has been shown to improve mood, fight depression and duplicate the benefits of meditation ( I call it “mobile meditation”) probably related to the rhymicity of the steps and the focus of the mind.

So if 30 minutes is good, then 60 minutes (the one, or won, hour I suggest “winning”) must be great. It easily gets you to the elusive 10,000 step goal everyone shoots for, and can be done by most anyone, most anytime, most anyplace. I like early mornings, but time of day is not as important as consistency. And it does not have to be done all at once. Taking the dog for a walk two or three times per day helps everyone concerned!

So get yourself some comfortable foot wear, find a podcast you like (most are about an hour each episode!), go outside, embrace your neighborhood, the weather, and maybe the family dog! Walking will add years to your life, and make the years you have left much more enjoyable and of high quality!


Dr. John Monaco

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