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Get Vaccinated….PLEASE

As your holistic wellness physician, health coach, friend and advocate, I urge you, if you have not done so already, to please get the Covid-19 vaccine - any of the three - it doesn’t matter. They all work to prevent severe infection and death from Covid-19, despite whatever mis-information you may have heard.

Before this iteration of my professional life, I did pediatric critical care for 30 years, and I am old enough to remember the polio epidemic of the 1950s and 60s. I have a cousin who contracted polio and is severely disabled as a result of it. As a child I received the polio vaccine - it was public health mandate, we all did it, and polio essentially disappeared from the earth. As a Pediatrician, I saw kids die from H. flu, meningococcal disease, Chicken pox complications and measles encephalitis - all of which have been eradicated due to effective vaccines. Most of these are legally mandated to attend school. Coronavirus vaccines have been under development for years, the release this year a result of the pandemic, but the release was not rushed or premature. They came out now because they were needed now, and thank God they came out when they did! All three vaccines work. And they work great! Over 97% of those who die from Covid-19 during this wave are those who have NOT been vaccinated It is only because of political pressure and false information that people are not getting vaccinated. 81% of unvaccinated polled say they will NOT get the vaccine under any circumstances. This is ridiculous and, in my opinion, unforgivable.

I understand the arguments about freedom of personal choice, and we do have the right to our own health care decisions. But we also have a public health obligation to protect our neighbors and loved ones from a disease we KNOW we can prevent. Do the right thing. Get the vaccine. Let’s get out of this thing together, and not force another economic shut down! I welcome your comments.

Dr. John Monaco

(813) 252-6378

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