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Truth is irrefutable. It is the accurate description of reality. There is only one version of reality, the truth. Reality can be interpreted in different ways by different individuals, dependent on their emotional reaction to it. But the truth does not change. We must not create a new truth simply because we have a negative emotional reaction to the facts, or reality does not suit our belief paradigm.

In order to remain emotionally healthy, we must adapt to deal with facts and the truth, and we must do so in a productive, peaceful manner. It is unhealthy, on the other hand, to try to change the facts and alter reality to more emotionally satisfy us. Conspiracy theories titillate our basest nature, and are often far from the actual truth. Because they are sexy and make us feel emotionally better and secure in our beliefs, they catch on like wildfire. Because they are not true, they can be destructive to individuals and to society.

I am afraid we live in an age where it is acceptable to change facts to suit our concept of reality, rather than adapting to reality in a healthy, productive manner. In the midst of a worldwide mental health crisis in the wake of the pandemic, it would be better for all of us if we supported each other with emotional mechanisms to deal with reality, rather than changing reality to meet our emotional needs.

As election day rapidly approaches, we all have decisions to make which affect our future and the futures of our children. I encourage you to do your research. Know the facts, not what the campaign ads tell you! Then choose the candidate which comports with your emotional and political reaction to reality rather than whose reality comports to your emotions. Our futures depend on it!

Peace and kindness,

Dr. John Monaco

MONACO Wellness

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