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Travel Benefits

We had the occasion, this past July fourth holiday, to transport our daughter’s belongings in a 10 foot U-Haul box truck from North Carolina to Chicago, where she is now living. When not dealing with heat, smoke, traffic delays, canceled flights and dodging huge trucks through treacherous West Virginia mountains, we had moments to reflect on the experience. This is what we learned from our travels:

Patience. Inevitably, stuff goes wrong, or at least not as planned. There may be a period of panic and scrambling to come up with an alternative plan, but no matter what happens, “this, too, shall pass”. Night will fall, you will sleep…somewhere!… and a new day will begin.

Confidence. Dealing with the unexpected occurrences, either on the road, in airports, or in new cities, builds self-reliance and the knowledge that you can figure it out, and make it work! This is a huge life lesson.

Perspective. Along the way, you will experience moments of humor, sadness, elation and disappointment. But you will also gain a sense of priorities and perspective about what is really important in life. This is an invaluable tool for the rest of life.

Appreciation. In the midst of everything, there will be moments, like viewing the incredible expanse of endless corn fields and amazing windmill farms across northern Indiana, where you will stop and say to yourself or your companion, “Isn’t this amazing!” Keep that appreciative attitude in your everyday lives!

Joy. Through it all, stop and recognize that you are alive, living with all your senses, smiling, laughing, accomplishing and learning. And you feel great! The joy will continue, long after you reach your destination!

Humility. Travel is a great equalizer, invoking a feeling that “we are all in this together”. We are all passengers on this journey through the universe on planet earth. There is no reason we should not work together, and appreciate each other. Cooperation is key!

So as we begin this summer 2023, I hope you have the occasion to travel, somewhere new, somewhere a little challenging, someplace beautiful. When you do, take a moment to realize the lessons, and the growth you will experience!

In health,

Dr. John Monaco

MONACO Wellness

(813) 252-6378

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