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The Power of Purpose

Having purpose - a reason to get up in the morning that gives us the feeling that we are truly contributing to the world in a positive way - can be an important organizing principle of our lives. Purpose has been shown to add positively to our health and even our longevity. Why?

Dr. Sonjay Gupta suggests that purpose energizes and refines the immune system to keep the body in a positive place to face challenges. Of course, this promotes health

Purpose also gives us direction and connection which are vital to supporting essential nourishment. The spiritual power of purposeful connection has a profoundly positive effect on our health.

Also, a sense of purpose is directly connected to our self esteem, sense of self and self-worth. The healthier our feelings of self-worth, the healthier we will be.

Awakening each morning knowing that fulfilling your purpose will leave the world just a little better than we found it even has a direct effect on our longevity. Older folks who “give up”, feeling that their life no longer matters have lost their sense of purpose, which will directly affect their will to live, and quite possibly their actual life span. Experts emphasize that older folks, after retiring from their main profession, should find something to dedicate their days to - whether it’s volunteer work, a demanding hobby, exercise, helping to raise children, pets, or even produce or livestock. This will provide the sense of purpose required to give their lives value.

One of the down sides of growing older is the “empty nest” syndrome. Once children leave the home, and no longer “need” there parents on a day-to -day basis, aging parents may lose their sense of purpose, and possibly their sense of self. Illness often results at this life juncture precisely for this reason.

We travel in a couple weeks to upstate New York to entomb my mother’s ashes alongside her husband’s, to whom she was married for 63 years. After he died, she deteriorated steadily. She briefly found the purpose she lost when she was no longer needed to care for him, in an aging, unhealthy rescue dog who then also soon died. Within months my mother was also gone. Not only does a sense of purpose promote our longevity, but it may be the very thing which keeps some alive!

My prescription is that you embrace that which gets you out of bed each morning, and know that it may be the most life affirming aspect of your daily experience. It may keep you alive, healthy and happy!

In health,

Dr. John Monaco

MONACO Wellness


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