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Five Things you can do today to live healthier and happier:

Several years ago I published a small handbook entitled THE ALIVE FIVE, in the hopes of offering folks interested in healthier living some basic guidelines and suggestions. As I continue to research and develop my health coaching program, these suggestions continue to be useful and practical. They are as follows:

  1. Family meals - sitting and eating together promotes health for all. However often you do this, do it more often!

  2. One hour of exercise/activity - remember the WON HOUR WALK?

  3. Adding fruits and vegetables - obviously!

  4. Minimizing sugar - widely accepted major step to better health

  5. Mindfulness - not just food, but life! Keep a journal and examine your motivation for life and food choices

  6. 7-9 hours of sleep each night - recently added and absolutely essential

Here’s the bonus: anyone who reaches out to MONACO Wellness for consultation in aesthetic or health coaching services will receive a free copy of THE ALIVE FIVE, while supplies last!

As always, visit for more information on specials and informative content!

Dr. John Monaco

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