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Suspend your ego to achieve humility

Letting go of Ego - The Humility Project

In my latest book BLESSED ARE THE MEEK - the Case for Humility in a time of Arrogance (Commonwealth Books, 2021), I discuss the concept that humility fosters connectedness while arrogance separates us from each other. To truly become humble and cultivate empathy, we must try to place our egos in check. Recognize that the needs of ego- the need to be “right”, the need to “win”, that feeling that we never are enough or have enough - prevents us from living authentically.

De-emphasizing the needs of our ego as we go through our lives, frees us to be more emotionally available to others, and makes us more giving and generous. In the words of St. Frances, “It is in the giving that we receive.”

It is true that the most fulfilling lives are those lived in the service of others. By letting go of the needs of our egos, even just a little, we can better serve those around us, connect with them, and in the process, feel more fulfilled!

Let me know how these concepts relate to your life! Email me at

Dr. John Monaco

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