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Do you ever have days where it feels like everything that could go wrong, does go wrong? Conversely, are there periods in your life when everything seems to fall into place perfectly, when profound coincidences in your life just seem to happen regularly?

The latter are known as “synchronicities” and, very simply, are defined as coincidences that have a profound effect on your life. Examples include running into someone unexpectedly, striking up a conversation, finding out you share interests, are mutually attracted to each other, and end up forming a lifelong connection. “Propinquity” is another word for this sort of synchronistic, coincidental meeting that ends up changing your life!.

Synchronicities imply that one is living in profound connection to the universe. This requires awareness and mindfulness to be able to recognize these connections when they occur. All too often these events and meetings pass by without us even recognizing their significance.

This is why we should take the time, with even chance meetings, to explore the possible significance in our lives. Take a moment to say hello to the stranger you meet in the elevator, or the new business associate you encounter during your day. They just might be the person who changes your life, or you theirs.

I refer to the synchronistic coincidental events in our lives as miracles, which we can choose to acknowledge or ignore. Paying attention to them could lead us to change course in our lives, or reassure us that we are on the right track. If we choose to ignore them, they will mean northing to us, and we may remain stuck in the same rut which frustrates us and keeps us from living our best lives.

How do we maximize the possibility of experiencing synchronicities? Quite simply: wake up and be aware, and be more present!! Many of us live in a state of emotional sleep walking, just going through the events of our day by memory, rarely stopping to pay attention to what is actually happening, and how we may or may not be impacted.

Living in a mindful sate of awareness will help us to appreciate synchronicities when they occur. When they do occur, we can be reassured that we are living in a state of integrity - where our perceived sense of self is consistent with the plan the universe has for us. When this happens, prepare yourself for the joyful adventures that follow!


Dr. John Monaco

MONACO Wellness

(813) 252-6378

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