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Essential Nourishment:

STUCK? Try one small change

After another restless night, do you wake up in the morning, feeling as if things are not quite right? You don’t know exactly what it is, but you know you should feel better, happier? Is your health and weight not what you would like it to be? Have your relationships lost their magic? Is you career unsatisfying to you? Maybe you feel an ill defined emptiness deep in your soul. You are likely out of balance in one of the elements of essential nourishment. The MONACO Wellness Health Coach will ask you one question: What is one thing you could do/change today that would help you feel healthier/happier? We recommend starting small. Maybe it’s just adding more water, or making an effort to eat more leafy green vegetables, or take a 20 minute walk after dinner instead of sitting in front of the TV. Start with one small thing that you know you can do. This will give you confidence to take more healthy steps. Be mindful of how great you feel! And remember; It is not with big things, but doing small things with great love that will change your life!

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