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An Essential Nutrient

In the wonderful movie, “About a Boy”, Hugh Grant stars as a confirmed bachelor who declares that he is an “island” , denying that he needs anyone else in his life to find happiness. Thus contradicting the famous statement by Jon Donne in 1824 that “No Man is an Island”. In the movie, Grant’s character proclaims at the outset that he needs no one, perfectly content to remain alone in his life. In what follows, the movie effectively proves him wrong. Instead of living his life completely alone, he forms a beautiful connection with a pre-teen boy terribly in need of adult male guidance. This unique friendship leads to connections with the boy’s family and friends to the point that, by the end of the movie, a massive group of people previously unknown to one another, celebrates Christmas together. The film points out what we already know-as humans we NEED connection to others. It is an essential nutrient. We need others to bear witness to our lives, to validate our existence, to satisfy our basic human need to be seen, heard and made to feel that we matter. When our relationships are out of balance, we hurt, we are unhealthy, and in the extreme, we could develop an illness and die. That is why, at MONACO Wellness, we explore relationships, an essential nourishment, absolutely vital to attaining true health. I guarantee that you already know what you need to do to improve the quality of your relationships. A health coach can help you see and choose the best path forward in all aspects of essential nourishment, including your relationships. That is the essence of MONACO Wellness. Why not reach out to us at Ask for a free consultation and begin the journey to the beautiful person you already are!

Dr. John Monaco

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