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REAL FOOD prevents addiction


In the 1960s when the evils of cigarette smoking were coming to light, the admission was made (in tobacco company hidden memos) that cigarettes were simply an efficient delivery system for nicotine, the truly addictive substance. It became clear that the tobacco industry was in the business of addicting people to nicotine, so they would continue smoking and purchase cigarettes for life.

The food industry is the tobacco company of today. By developing tasty processed foods to deliver the addictive components - salt, sugar and fat, the food industry is ensuring that we purchase and eat processed food for the rest of our lives. Processed food is the cigarette of our time. The more we eat, the more we want and the more addicted we become. It is no wonder that Western society is experiencing the duel epidemics of obesity and diabetes.

Whole foods, prepared locally and with a minimum of additives, are a simple, totally enjoyable way to eat healthier, preventing processed food addiction while also mitigating the possibility of chronic disease. Therefore, it’s the best way to beat the food industry at their game!

For example, a loaf of a well known processed bread manufactured by one of the leading national baking companies, may contain the equivalent of 1.5 teaspoons of sugar per slice! While a loaf of Tampa baked, unprocessed, white Cuban bread has ZERO sugar. This becomes important if you adopt an eating plan that limits added sugars - which is a fairly healthy way to go. Recently I picked up a box of “healthy, whole grain” cereal. When I read the label, I found it was loaded with added sugar. When reading labels, ignore the front of the box, and concentrate on the back where the truest information is!

The lesson is, know what you are eating, read the labels, and try to eat real, natural, locally grown and produced foods as much as possible.

And remember, the American Heart Association recommends that any heart healthy diet be high in fruits and vegetables while containing low salt, minimal added sugar and no trans fats. Every natural food proponent knows you can do this and still have your food be easy, fun and satisfying. Remember that if the food industry tells you their product is “healthy”, it probably isn’t! By sticking to “cleaner” foods - whole, real and local, you can avoid addiction to the highly processed “foodarettes”!

In health,

Dr. John Monaco

MONACO Wellness

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