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Mother God

Our Mothers on their day!

They say man was created in God’s image.  However for me, the power and presence of maternal love is the strongest, and best evidence of the existence of a higher power in the universe. Following this logic, if God does have a gender, I believe it is female.  She created half of humanity in her image first, then created men with the left over parts.

Motherhood is the closest example of the godliness of women. True, women could not become mothers, technically, without men, but carrying and giving birth to a new life is truly miraculous, and the soul province of these holy women.

This is what we celebrate this upcoming weekend. Mothers, women who birth us, nurture us, drive us a little crazy at times, who love us always and unconditionally - they teach us the power of unconditional, maternal  love. If the world was driven by the nurturing loving nature of the maternal, over the competing, defeating inclinations of the paternal, I feel we would all be in a better place.

I think of my mother and grandmother at this time of year, both of whom died when they were 92, having lived long, rich , loving and nurturing lives. And, they also drove us a little crazy.

So, all of us who are born of women should celebrate this day. It is because of them that there is any goodness at all in the world, and we should take a moment to be grateful.

This Sunday, celebrate your mothers, and celebrate the fact that there are mothers. They  keep the world livable and show us all how to love. Happy Mother’s Day to us all!!

In health,

Dr. John Monaco

MONACO Wellness

(813) 541-6440

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