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Meditation - Part 2

The Power of Positivity

Dr. Lisa Rankin discusses the healing power of positive thought in great length in her book MIND OVER MEDICINE: Positive mindset can contribute to healing and health while negativity leads to physiology that promotes disease and ill health. Research has demonstrated that happy people and those with optimistic outlook secrete more hormones and chemicals like serotonin and oxytocin which promote health and wellbeing, while stressed out, angry and negative types live in a milieu characterize by stress hormones like cortisol which promote inflammation, cardiac stress and immunosuppression which can lead to overwhelming infections and even tumor production.

In my last column we discussed the meditative tool of getting beyond one’s thoughts to the pure consciousness level where one’s essential self can be embraced. One can impact the positivity of one’s essential self by manifesting a more health promoting mindset. This can all be done during conscious breathing. Specifically, if one breathes in a more positive mindset description, and exhales the more negative counterpart, healthier, more nurturing biochemicals will be released and better health will result.

More specifically - try this during your meditation practice.

Inhale joyfulness, Exhale resentment, envy and competitiveness

Inhale peace, Exhale conflict

Inhale love, Exhale indifference

Inhale gratitude, Exhale dissatisfaction

Inhale generosity, Exhale self centeredness

Inhale faithfulness, Exhale doubt

Inhale courageousness, Exhale fear and trepidation

A few years ago, I published a book entitled“1968, From Duality to Unity”(Black Rose Writing, 2017), making note of the 50th anniversary of that pivotal year in our history and the tumult it produced. The premise of the book is that each of the above dualities co-exists within us concurrently. We must remain mindful that we possess the free will to choose which side of that duality serves us at any given time, and endeavor to manifest that mindset.

Pick one of these dualities and designate it as your mantra for the mindful breathing portion of your meditation exercise. You might be surprised by the results!!

In health,

Dr. John Monaco

MONACO Wellness

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