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Did you ever notice that when you’re faced with a tough decision, hit with writer’s block or just needing to “clear your head”, that a brief walk outside seems to do the trick? Walk around the block and suddenly your are inspired, energized and unblocked!(excuse the pun). It turns out there is a reason for this. I refer to it as “mobile meditation”, and here’s how it works.

Readers of this column know that I often extol the virtues of walking. Beyond the obvious physical and psychological benefits, there are emotional and spiritual benefits as well. When you walk, you have no choice but to be present and mindful. Either from paying attention to your steps or from the rhythmic effects or attention to your breath, you will go to a place beyond the chaotic thoughts of your “monkey brain”. It is in this space where creativity, inspiration and clarity exist. Problems will find solutions. Inspiration and creativity will soon become apparent.

As you go out for your daily walk, resist the temptation to listen to music or podcasts. Just listen to your breath, the rhythmic plodding of your steps on the sidewalk or trail, and let your mind go where it may. You have to be more focused on your steps and your breath than if you were sitting in a room inside not moving. As you get more deeply into your steps and breath, you will find yourself in a similar state to the one achieved during stationary meditation. You are at peace and your mind is uncluttered. This is mobile meditation, and it is the source for brilliance, organization and creativity. If you must listen while walking, choose instrumental music, where the words will not distract you from your own clear thoughts.

When you get back to your point of origin, grab your journal and write down the miracles that came to you during your walk. You will be amazed!

In health,

Dr. John Monaco

MONACO Wellness

(813) 252-6378

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