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“Knowledge is power”. We hear that a lot. Understanding of Health and Wellness issues has exploded in recent years. And, with the internet and limitless publications, vast amounts of wellness information is available to virtually anyone with a smart phone.

in my coaching practice, I find that folks already KNOW what they need to be eating, avoiding, or doing in order to achieve optimal health. The challenge they ALL face is putting that knowledge to work. In fact, most of what I do comes down to just that: converting knowledge into action. Most folks already know how to accomplish this. They just lack the tools to make it happen. They need help, accountability and guidance to convert their knowledge to a wellness strategy the works for them.

An example: Joe is a middle aged accountant who seeks out a health coach because he wants to lead a healthier lifestyle in light of his strong family history of heart disease and premature death. His primary care provider suggested he try to shift to a more plant based diet, and also incorporate more activity into his usual routine. Yet, he sits at a desk all day , and once he gets home, his family loves him to grill meat, especially burgers, on his back yard grill. He is the family grillmaster and proud of it! So how does he make the lifestyle changes his physician recommended?

After a couple sessions with his health coach, he comes up with the following initial plan, recognizing the most important part of the journey to health is the first step:

  1. Drink more water - one 8 oz. cup before each meal

  2. start journaling - a few lines either in a notebook or online daily

  3. Add one fruit and one vegetable to diet each day.

Each session he checks in with his health coach to assess progress and to add new activities and challenges. Within days he feels better and more energetic, and within weeks his numbers begin to improve. Months later, at his primary care follow-up visit, his health care provider is pleased, and his prognosis for a longer, happier, healthier life looks much brighter.

By converting common knowledge to practical, doable actions, our hypothetical patient has improved his health - he and his family are happy and his health coach is ready to help more clients, bridging the gap between knowledge and action leading to power! Wishing you health,

Dr. John Monaco

MONACO Wellness Integrative Nutrition Health Coach

100 N. Tampa, Suite 2125

(813) 252-6378

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