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The Institute for Integrative Nutrition, where I trained, calls it “Primary Food”. I call it “Essential Nutrition”. They both refer to the notion that there is a lot more than just what we eat that nourishes our souls.

This is a point that traditional medicine misses completely, and the health coaching profession embraces fully: Without balance of all things that make us human - our medical issues, our relationships, career satisfaction, spirituality, exercise and activity, in addition to the nutrients we put in our mouths-, we cannot achieve optimal health, healthy weight or a true sense of well-being.

Our Health History questionnaire explores all these issues in your life, in an effort to tailor your personal coaching program to truly help you gain optimal health. Sign up on our website ( to receive a health history form and arrange for your free initial consultation. I like to say, in acknowledging the need for balance in all important aspects of your lives: “Trim your waist by feeding your soul!”

We look forward to hearing from you.

Drs. John and Lisa Monaco

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