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It is in the giving that we receive

Gratitude and Volunteerism - keys to wellness

Young people inspire me. There is always something to learn from them. Amazingly, sometimes the ones you think you know best can teach you the most.

My step-daughter is a college student, understandably stressed and over-involved, who recently turned 21. Instead of spending the day with college buddies, exploring the benefits of her newfound legal adulthood (ie.drinking!) she chose to use the day to concentrate on the charity she works for at her university, Children’s Miracle Network - where she works with families of chronically ill children. While fundraising for this great cause she also recently posted on her social media the gratitude she feels for health care workers, enduring the pressures of this ongoing pandemic, but also so profoundly impacting the lives of the families she works for.

Her volunteer efforts, fueled by a sense of gratitude, have helped not only the families she works with, but it has also given her a sense of purpose and peace. I am so proud of her that I have accepted her request to help by soliciting contributions to this great cause.

You can contribute to the Children’s Miracle Network near you or by giving to the Elonthon charity at Elon University.Here’s the link: Or, you can contact me at or call (813)252-6378.

You will feel better for giving!

Dr. John Monaco

(813) 252-6378

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