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Choosing healthier habits

There is a technique in Health Coaching known as “Crowding out.” The principle revolves around replacing unhealthy foods or habits with healthier ones. The theory is that it is much easier to “add” foods and activities, thereby replacing unhealthy ones, than it is to expect folks to simply stop eating certain foods, or cease an unhealthy activity like over drinking or eating sweets. Restrictive diets never work in the long term because they are simply unsustainable, a folks will only deprive themselves from something they love for a period of time before going back to old habits. It is emotionally more palatable to add healthy practices, like drinking more water or adding fruits and vegetables to every meal (think THE ALIVE FIVE!) Continue to do so for up to six months, the new “habit” will crowd out the old one and eventually replace it. The result : Healthier lifestyle and better health. Try this:

Tomorrow morning, rather than that very first cup of coffee, drink two 8 oz glasses of cold, clear water, pausing to enjoy it and appreciate it reaching every cell of your body, refreshing them, hydrating and providing strength and clarity. Then do it again tomorrow morning and every morning for 4-6 weeks and it will be ingrained as a habit, likely replacing one or two cups of coffee, making you feel a little less “wired”, driving your stress hormones a little less, and best of all, Improving your health!

More examples of crowding out: Apple slices with peanut butter for evening snack

Journal and/or meditate for 15 minutes after you wake up

Take a walk withy your family

Send one email to an old friend.

figure out ways to add broccoli and cauliflower to your favorite casserole.

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