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Health Coaching for Teens

Teen Health/Life Coaching

Even before the Covid Pandemic, and long afterward, adolescents have faced health challenges due to the uniqueness of their developmental stage and life experiences. Now, during this “delta” wave of the pandemic, underlying adolescent issues are clearly illustrated. In one study of 50 children and adolescents admitted to intensive care with Covid associated respiratory illness, obesity was the third leading comorbidity, behind only cancer and severe immunodeficiency as risk factors for serious disease and death.

Dr. John Monaco of MONACO Wellness, based in Tampa, FL is a Pediatrician and certified Integrative Nutrition Health coach, uniquely qualified to help teens and their families navigate the sometimes treacherous waters of adolescence, a period that should be filled with joy and promise. If you know a child or adolescent facing weight or food issues, nutritional challenges, self esteem issues, school struggles, difficulty dealing with peers or family discord, contact Dr. John for a free health coaching consultation where he will discuss the tools to living the best life possible!

Dr. John Monaco

(813) 252-6378

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