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Drinking Water, Why?

Why Water?

Almost every health and wellness talk or publication encourages people to drink water, some think placing unreasonable expectations on them. Where do the numbers come from? Why are we told to drink eight 8 oz. cups of water each day? It seems like so much! Let me unmask the mystery and let you in on the scientific origins of these recommendations.

Fact: water is essential to every biologic process in the body and is the primary component of every bodily tissue. It has been calculated, and is taught to every medical student in every specialty, that the maintenance fluid requirement, just to keep physiologic systems functioning properly is 25-30 ml. (about one ounce) per kilogram body weight per day. If fluid losses are increased (due to diarrhea/vomiting or excessive sweating for example), fluid requirements will be higher. Take the average human, weighing 70 kg. (about 150 pounds). the daily fluid requirement would then be 25ml/kg/day x 70kg= 1,750 ml/day = about 58 ounces or 7.25 eight ounce glasses of water each day.

Remember that fruit, vegetables, soups and other “liquidy” foods add to your daily water intake, so you might have to estimate a bit, but if you can drink 7-8 glasses of water each day, you will feel better, look better and all your organ systems will function more efficiently. So grab your reusable, clean water bottle, fill it up, start drinking and then go live your best life!

Dr. John Monaco

MONACO Wellness Health Coaching

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