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CREATIVITY - It is within us all!!


It is within us all.

I was in a coaching session with a client of mine, and I asked her about her creative outlets. She said, “I am not a creative person at all. I can’t do anything!”

This struck me as very sad, and I suspect many of you feel the same way, thinking of creativity in the traditional sense as painting, sculpture, writing, singing, other “arts”. Right? The fact is that few of us possess the talent to express our creativity in these modalities. The reality is that each of us have the potential to be creative in our lives everyday. And it turns out creativity is an essential nourishment, needed to be in balance in order for us to experience true health.

To be creative, we must free ourselves to be aware of our true nature, unencumbered by the need to please others and live in search of approval and acceptance. To do this we must try to relax, become more aware of our honest needs and desires. Once we are in what Oprah refers to as “flow”, freeing our ego’s need to compete, win or shine above others, inspiration will come. Whether it’s inspiration to do our jobs better, coming up with a new way to manage our homes, feed our families, or love our partners, this requires creativity. We all possess it, and once we let ourselves achieve greater awareness, we are free to express and enjoy our creativity, every day!

Dr. John Monaco

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