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Corporate Wellness- you need this!!

The MONACO Corporate Wellness Program

“This one is different!”

In recent posts we have discussed some of the elements and advantages of a corporate wellness program for your company or firm. The benefits are unmistakable. But at MONACO Wellness, because we are a unique wellness practice, we offer a somewhat different, and very special program. If your company or firm decides to sign up for the MONACO Corporate Wellness program, here is what you’ll get:

  1. Weekly or monthly conferences, lectures and workshops on important health and wellness topics.

  2. Coordination of business-wide challenges and programs

  3. Consultation with management on health issues affecting the workplace - on site help in managing these issues ex. the pandemic response

  4. Individual employee coaching sessions in our office or yours.

  5. Assistance with health and safety policies and procedures

  6. Aesthetic procedure “parties” at our office and yours

  7. Deep discounts for all MONACO wellness products, procedures and practices.

All this for one monthly corporate fee making all employees eligible for these wellness products as well as health coaching.

Call us today to discuss how we can help your organization begin living their best lives immediately!!

Drs. John and Lisa Monaco

MONACO Wellness

office: (813) 252-6378

cell:(813) 541-6440

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