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Clean Your Room!

Our mothers told us this for years. As we are frequently reminded, our mothers are much smarter than we thought at the time.

Psychologically, clutter and disorganization of our work and living spaces can be stressful to us and keep us from focusing on the task at hand. Conversely, cleaning, straightening, getting rid of items we no longer need or use, can bring us peace, focus, calm and increased energy.

Marie Kondo has made a career and published bestselling books discussing the benefits of tidying up and getting organized. Of her many affirmations, I love these: “Life truly begins once you have put your house in order.” and “Keep only those things which bring you joy.”

I am going to add a few more suggestions to your list of how to approach organizing your work and living spaces.

  1. If you have a big project at work, begin by cleaning off and organizing your desk or work space. Notice how your mind clears and focuses.

  2. Go through your closets every six months or when the seasons or time change. Donate or discard anything you haven’t worn in the previous six months.

  3. If you have a big meal or party to prepare for (think Thanksgiving) begin by cleaning and organizing the kitchen

  4. Reclaim your garage for your car - do so by donating or discarding anything you don’t use.

  5. Embrace the joy that comes with reclaiming the organization of your home or office

I hope you will join me in the continued search for joy in our lives. It is not external. It comes from within. But by improving the quality of the spaces where we live and work, we can also declutter our emotional selves, and uncover and celebrate our intrinsic and essential peace and happiness.


Dr. John Monaco

(813) 252-6378

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