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Abdominal adiposity or “belly fat” is a challenge for many of us. What you may not know is that there are two types. One is subcutaneous fat, that which accumulates just under the deepest layer of skin. This type presents primarily a cosmetic issue, with little effect on our overall health. The other, however, is visceral fat, accumulates deep within the abdomen, surrounding our vital organs, affecting overall health and accumulating in a sheetlike connective tissue structure known as the omentum.

Visceral fat is best treated through lifestyle and dietary changes, the object which is to optimize insulin function and limit fat storage in the omentum. Integrative Nutrition Health Coaching, a modality offered at MONACO Wellness in Suite 2125 at 100 North Tampa St., is the best way to accomplish this. Call our office for a free consultation today (813) 541-6440.

We, at MONACO Wellness also specialize in subcutaneous fat reduction. We offer circumferential Radio frequency fat reduction technology which produces almost immediate results. Clients are continually amazed at the results Dr. Lisa achieves with this modality! Call our office today for a fat reduction consultation.

Also be sure to call for an appointment to check out our full line of prescription level skin care products and health and wellness aids. We are open every day, and available nights and weekends to meet your wellness needs. Check us out online at, and call our office for an appointment to tour our facilities. (813) 252-6378.

Dr. John Monaco

MONACO Wellness

(813) 541-6440

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