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100 years?

Blue zone longevity

Author and National Geographic Fellow Dan Buettner has designated five places on earth where there are the highest number of inidivuals over 100years old, and has designated these “blue zones”. He has analyzed these communities and cultures thoroughly and put together common denominators, from which we can possibly learn to live healthier lives. Here are some of the characteristics of those living in “Blue Zones”:

  1. Inhabitants of these communities have lives/jobs that require high levels of activity - natural activity like walking, farming, building things - not gym memberships or exercise classes

  2. They have daily rituals involving activities that reduce stress and inflammation - prayer, meditation, naps, happy hour!

  3. They are able to tell you their life’s purpose in one sentence, and they live it!

  4. They drink, on average, two glasses of red wine per day

  5. They eat a plant base diet. If they eat meat, it is typically at a celebration, and no more than once or twice per month

  6. They snack mainly with nuts, and drink lots of water

  7. Meal structure is large breakfast, smaller lunch, and very small evening meal.

  8. They practice “pre-plating” their meals, rather than family style “all you can eat”

Let’s start the new year working some of these lifestyle principles into our own lives, shall we??

Happy Holidays!

Dr. John

MONACO Wellness

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