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Wellness Workshops

MONACO Wellness Workshops

As part of our efforts to spread the word about health and wellness, we are offering several very exciting workshop opportunities safely designed for attendees who are Covid vaccinated. Drs. John and Lisa are both fully vaccinated. The workshops will be less than one hour in length including time for questions. In the aesthetic arena, we are offering workshops on the following topics:

  1. Hair restoration using PRF

  2. Sun damaged skin rejuvenation techniques

  3. Body sculpting using RF

  4. Weight/fat loss techniques

In the health coaching arena we are currently offering workshops in the following areas, although we are open to requests for any other wellness topics your group may desire:

  1. Humility as a tool for human connection

  2. Essential Nourishment - what you really need to feed body and soul

Let us know if you or your groups are interested and we will put you on our schedule of upcoming events.

In good health,

Drs. John and Lisa Monaco

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