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Mother's Day thoughts


Mother’s Day is upon us this week, and as Dr. Lisa likes to say, it affects us all because even if we are not mothers, we all had a mother! So, in reality it is a day to celebrate being human beings, and thanks to our mothers, we strive to be the best ones we can be.

I am thinking a lot about my own mother this week, and hopefully these thoughts I share will resonate with our readers. For her, and for us, this has been an uncertain and frightening time. But now in her 90s, my mother’s spirits and resilience have not dampened. She is as sweet and as tough as ever!

I am often reminded how she grew up on a dairy farm, but hated milk, and taught grade school for decades, while remaining a lifelong student. From her I gained my love of music (she played three instruments and sang in a chorus until Parkinson’s stole her voice), an appreciation for the beauty of nature and the marvels of weather, a love of reading, and an affinity for sarcastic humor. She was always, and remains, a ball buster! Her latest statement: “Well I don’t know if I’m old, but my children sure are!!!”

The love she shared with my father was legendary and remains, to this day, the model for the kind of relationship I always hoped to attain, and finally have found, late in my own life. From her I did inherit the tendency to worry, about too many things out of my control, but also like her, I just want things to be as close to perfection as I know they can possibly be. Despite any hardship - real or perceived - her faith never waivers, she always finds something or someone to smile about, and she will continue to light up the lives of all who know her. Happy Mother’s Day Mom, and to all moms and their children!

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