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Welcome to MONACO Wellness!

Updated: Dec 7, 2020

. Thank you for your interest in our Wellness Blog!

We want to tell you a little about the history of how we hatched this idea, then we'll tell you more about how the practice works and how folks can get involved.

First, as well as an accomplished physician, Dr Lisa is an equally accomplished artist, having completed many beautiful works which adorn our home, and now our office. In the last few years, she has become very inspired by the most recent trends in aesthetic medicine, and has completed training in injectable treatments (like Botox and fillers), the use of light, laser, and other energy based modalities that stimulate one's own natural recovery and rejuvenation processes.

Dr John has a long history of work in childhood obesity, preventative medicine, and wellness, He has studied Integrative Nutrition and Functional Medicine, a longtime interest of his. Dr John trained with the Institute of Integrative Nutrition based in NYC, which claims Drs. Andrew Weil and Deepak Chopra amongst its faculty.

Drs John and Lisa decided to join forces to create Monaco Wellness, an Integrative Nutrition Center and Medical Aesthetic Practice.Where Dr Lisa does her aesthetic work - in our office when possible, but also in client's homes or offices, Dr John, combines his 30 years experience in medicine and his training in Integrative Nutrition and Functional Medicine, to guide folks in achieving their personal goals of health and happiness, thereby, living their best lives.

Monaco Wellness is based on the 21st floor, of the beautiful and stately Regions building, located in the business district of downtown Tampa. However, we also provide TeleHealth visits and make House Calls. Call to inquire if you are local, national or international, as we are capable of performing home visits for both aesthetic and health coaching services.

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