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Dr. Lisa's Amazing Work

Dr. Lisa’s work

MONACO Wellness Wednesday

What I see from the clients leaving our office on any given day is wonderful - their happiness is a gift!. Whether it’s the beautiful results Dr. Lisa creates with Botox and filler or the true miracle of the skin tightening, wrinkle removal or body sculpting she performs utilizing the Radio Frequency (RF) and Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) of the Viora V-20, or perhaps the inspiration folks experience after a health coaching session with Dr. John, people leave astounded, grateful and rejuvenated.

Not just because I am her husband and business partner, but as an observer of her work, I am impressed. Folks are incredulous to see the almost immediate results when she utilizes RF for circumferential fat reduction and body contour. They cannot believe when the dark spots and melasma literally disappear before their eyes. And when Dr. Lisa fires up her IPL technology to remove unwanted hair, they are simply aghast. In addition, our health coaching techniques follow those taught by the Institute for Integrated Nutrition and are guaranteed to guide folks to healthy solutions.

I know, perhaps more than any other, that it has been a years long dream of the Drs. Monaco to help folks improve their appearance, gain self esteem, true health and confidence. And now that we’ve opened MONACO Wellness and we have this technology available to us, we both love running the kind of practice where we truly make people feel better. It’s what we’ve always wanted to do as physicians, and not a moment too soon, we’ve found our calling. We welcome you to email, call or drop by and share in our miracle!

Drs. John and Lisa Monaco

(813) 541-6440

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