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Being in the Present

The Present

We spend too much time reliving things in our pasts that trouble us. This leads to stress which threatens our health. We sometimes focus on those negative experiences more than the positive ones, hoping that by reliving them, the outcome might somehow change.

Similarly we spend too much time worrying about the future and experiencing stress over things that may occur down the road.

A reason to live in the moment, appreciating the present, is that it is the only thing we can be sure of - and this is far less stressful than reliving the past or rehearsing future.

You can actually minimize your physiologic “fight or flight” stress response by living in the moment and appreciating the present. The best way to do this is to be aware of your sensory experiences of the present moment. This is where the power of mindfulness comes in. Paying attention to what your sense are experiencing in the present moment can actually lower your heart rate, blood pressure and levels of stress hormones. This restores your health.

It is natural to reminisce with friends and family during the holidays, which is fine. But, try not to focus on the painful memories past holidays. Appreciate the gift of the moment you re living through - the sights, the sounds the smells, the feelings. The older we get, the harder this may be to accomplish. Try to be mindful of your present experiences. This will optimize your health and bring your happiness during this joyful season!

Happy Holidays - this column will return in the new year - stay healthy!!

Dr. John Monaco

MONACO Wellness

(813) 541-6440

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