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That’s it. Game over! Oprah endorsed the use of GLP-1 weight loss drugs. The numbers of people using these drugs is going through the roof. For those of you not informed, this medications, like Ozempic, are in the class of medications designed specifically for overweight type 2 diabetics, but were found to result in profound weight loss for anyone. The message? One tiny shot per week and the pounds just come rolling off. This is mostly true, but how? and why?

There is no doubt that these drugs have resulted in astounding weight loss and dramatically improved health in many individuals. Why do they work? In the 2 diabetes, there is an ineffectiveness of insulin because of obesity. The GLP1 meds imitate glucagon which is the opposite of insulin. In so doing, insulin works overtime to lower blood sugar. But it also does other things, like reducing appetite and increasing a sense of “fullness” which  reduces appetite and the volume of food consumed. So, the medication leads to lifestyle modifications - decreased food intake, an earlier sense of satiety which reduces overeating.

This sense of fullness  results from delayed gastric emptying. Unfortunately this often also results in nausea and vomiting which has the unintended consequence of further weight loss, albeit in a very uncomfortable and potentially dangerous manner.

Lifestyle modification is still important for successful, healthy weight loss, even with these new “miracle” meds. Eating must continue to be healthy with emphasis on fresh fruits and vegetables as well as adequate movement and exercise mixing cardio, strength training and flexibility promotion. I am dismayed to learn that among the consequences of the wide spread use of these drugs and their effectiveness, is a dramatic decrease in gym memberships and an uptick in the consumption of highly processed snack foods, which folks now think they can eat with impunity.

What the drug companies will not tell you is that individuals wishing to lose weight, can do so equally well by making similar changes in lifestyle to those the GLP1 meds promote.

Yes, such lifestyle changes take dedication, discipline, diligence, persistence and accountability, but it can be done and it has been done.

The bottom line is that the GLP1 medications work in most people and do so very effectively. But, have confidence and faith that healthy weight CAN be obtained without them, and much less expensively. Either way, i wish you luck, and I am here to help in any where I can! In health,

Dr. John Monaco

MONACO Wellness


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