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Important Announcement: New Book

Yes, it’s true, Dr. John has published a new book, his seventh, and fifth in a series of self help books, the first published in 1999. BLESSED ARE THE MEEK: The Case for Humility in a time of Arrogance has just been released on Amazon and is available for order now. Why this book? And why now?

We live in interesting times characterized by division, isolation, separation, fear and too often hate. The political climate of the last two decades has divided us as a society, and the Covid - 19 pandemic, rather then bringing us together, accentuated many of the political and sociologic divisions we feel today.

BLESSED ARE THE MEEK attempts to offer an explanation as to the reasons for these divisions, while giving us a workable and uniting way forward.

The basic premise? Meekness, or humility as Monaco defines it, is a quality which brings us together fostering attachment between human beings. The opposite of humility is arrogance, an all too prevalent quality these days, fostering separation, detachment and a sense of “otherness”. The key to moving forward more productively, positively and lovingly? Embrace humility and reject arrogance. Monaco’s book tells us how and offers practical examples from today’s world as to why we must. Read it today!

Dr. John Monaco

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