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For Healthier lives, these pointers ALWAYS work!

Getting Healthy: What always works!

No matter what your health plan, whether it’s to lose weight, prevent cancer or heart disease, or improve relationships with friends and family, these five things ALWAYS work and will result in healthier, happier lives:

  1. Family meals at the table, media OFF!

  2. Adding fruits and vegetables (“Crowding out” unhealthy snacks)

  3. Minimize added sugar and processed, “Fake” foods

  4. Drink lots of Water: 7-8 glasses per day

  5. one hour per day of activity - off the couch, away from TV, computer

  6. Add Mindfulness activities - meditation, yoga, journaling, walks in nature

  7. Sleep: 6-8 hours per night - strive for this!!

reference: Monaco MD, John E., THE ALIVE FIVE, Strategic Media Books, 2015.

With help on how to institute these basic elements into your lifestyle, call or email MONACO Wellness, and let us get you started on the road to health and happiness!

Dr. John Monaco

(813) 541-6440

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