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Long Eyelashes


Eyelash & Brow Treatment

What is Latisse Eyelash Treatment?


Latisse  is a topical medication applied directly to your eyelashes or eyebrows.

It helps stimulate hair growth leading to fuller, longer lashes or thicker eyebrows depending on where it is applied and desired effect. Results can be quite dramatic with daily application.

Fake eyelashes can wreak havoc on your real lashes. Latisse to the rescue. It is often used to restore and amplify  your natural lashes.

Thin eyebrows can age us. Years ago thin highly plucked eyebrows were fashionable.

Now, thicker, fuller brows are in. After years of plucking, many women are struggling to re-grow their natural, full, God-given eyebrows. Again, Latisse to the rescue. Although it is not FDA approved for this indication, Latisse is enjoying a resurgence in popularity for eyebrow amplification.

Latisse was initially developed as a glaucoma medication. When the participants in the initial studies started growing beautiful, long eyelashes, however, the product was quickly bought and re-marketed as a beauty product. It has been used as such since 2010 and has proven to be a very safe and effective medication.


A physician prescribes Latisse and should also monitor your treatment plan once treatments start. Until your doctor knows how you will respond to the medications, it is important to follow protocol carefully.

If you are interested, we are here to answer any questions.


Latisse can be prescribed through a virtual Telehealth visit with Monaco Wellness. To discuss if Latisse is right for you, call 813.252.6378 today, or click the button below to start your free consult.

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