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Essential Creativity

Essential Creativity

We spend considerable time, in this space, discussing essential nourishment - those elements of your life that are even more important to your health than food itself. To review, the essential nourishment categories, they are career (occupation), relationships, activity and spirituality.

Today we will look at another, which could be considered a subgroup of spirituality. That is creativity. In order to feel whole and healthy as human beings, we must explore and optimize our creative side.

Creativity does not just refer to visual or performing arts. Your creativity can be utilized in many aspects of our everyday lives - whether it’s planning the evening meal, organizing the events of our next vacation, picking our course schedule at school, or planning our child’s birthday party. All require accessing our creative side.

Creativity is the aspect of our lives that adds luster, dimension and even meaning. It is motivated by that little voice inside of us that many refer to as the voice of God or our own internal divinity, which we possess simply by virtue of being human.

The more religious amongst us might refer to this intrinsic divinity as amazing grace. Whatever you call it, when our essential self is working optimally, we are moved to create.

Listen to the voice inside you that moves you to create something: perhaps you can write, paint, act or play piano. Or maybe you’ve come up with an original way to organize your office, or manage your home finances, or your kids’ busy schedule. The voice inside you drives your creative self. Listen to it, and act. You, we and the world will be better for it!


Dr. John Monaco

(813) 252-6378

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