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Coincidence? I think not.


There are no coincidences. If one believes that the universe is perfect and all that happens is part of the perfection of its plan, then nothing happens by accident

I believe that these chance occurrences, the ones we call coincidences, like meeting someone that changes your life, or impulsively buying a lottery ticket that ends up winning, or applying for the last open position and landing that job you always wanted - these are actually miracles, not coincidences. I define miracles as those little messages from the universe (or God) that present us with the opportunity to make choices, or not. If we ignore these miracles, we stay on the same road; if we follow these miraculous suggestions, our lives are likely to change, forever.

I met Dr. Lisa, when we were both single, outside the elevator of our apartment building, on a Sunday afternoon, completely by chance. Had either of us been five minutes earlier, or later, we wouldn’t have met, wouldn’t have married, wouldn’t have brought together out blended family, wouldn’t have started MONACO Wellness, wouldn’t have saved our Ukrainian refugee family, and I wouldn’t be writing this today! Coincidence? Maybe. Miracle? Absolutely.

The challenge is to notice, and decide whether to act upon these seemingly insignificant opportunities that present themselves to us every day. Once you open your mind to these miracles, and notice them, you will see that they happen constantly, and we are virtually bombarded with everyday miracles, giving us the opportunity to change our lives forever.

One way to be more open to noticing the miracles around us, is to live in a place of abundance and gratitude. If we acknowledge and are thankful for the life changing miracles that have already occurred, we will be open to being aware of them when they do occur again. And with each miracle, we are presented with a choice: do we follow the path the miracle directs us on, or do we stay on our present course? There are no right answers. We are guided only by mindfulness and faith.

I wish for you the wisdom and clarity to make the best decision when your miracles present themselves to you.

In health,

John E. Monaco, MD

MONACO Wellness

(813) 541-6440

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